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Latchwood Motors have all of their warranties underwritten by Warranties 2000.

Based in Leeds, the Warranties 2000 Group are administered by Olympic Warranties Ltd and were incorporated during 1984 providing a first class service to motor trade clients. Currently they administer the warranty programmes for some of the most respected names in the industry.

Their continuing success has been achieved by commitment to our high standards of service and company objectives.

No company could be more passionate about listening to, and serving its customers. Indeed, a number of programmes pioneered and developed by Warranties 2000 over the years have become industry standards. The Warranties 2000 Group has developed into one of the most advanced warranty administrators in the UK. 

With fully computerised system in Leeds and flexible underwriting facilities, Warranties 2000 consistently demonstrate their ability to exceed client requirements.

Unlike other warranty companies, the Warranties 2000 Group has been operating continuously for over 30 years and have not only retained accounts from the commencement of business in 1984 but also many members of staff. 

Please note: In an “off-premises”/distance sale, we offer you a 14 day after delivery of the goods, to cancel your order with a charge of £1/mile used since purchase.

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